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For extra flexibility in order execution, you may choose Bualuang i-Trading, an internet trading service developed using the same information security technology widely used by leading international financial institutions. Our service is unique in that you can maintain just one account for both traditional and Internet trading. When necessary, our account officers will assist and give advice on your online trading activity. This service innovation offers maximum flexibility.
Key characteristics of Bualuang i-Trading are:
  1. Applicable for clients who are holding any types of BLS cash account and credit balance.
    2. A single account can be use for all trading channels. Commission will be calculated precisely according to how you send the order.
    3. An account officer is assigned to help you.
    5. Fast and secure.

Please click here to open a securities trading account online or contact your account officer for activation.

  1. Value per order is limited to 10 million Baht
  2. The system will reject all over credit-limit or short-selling orders. Please contact the account officer if limit increase is required.
  3. The service cannot be used for canceling of orders inputted by the account officer.
  4. Clients may contact the account officer to cancel orders inputted over the Internet.
  5. To convert stocks purchased through the Internet into NVDR, please contact the account officer.
  6. Orders can be inputted from 07:00 until the market is closed. All unmatched orders will be cancelled at the end of every trading day.
  7. User can send the overnight order by useing Next Trade screen from 17.30 of trading days. For more information please click here.

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