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Bualuang Securities has professional research team with years of experiences that understand economic insights for Thailand and foreign countries, business trend, and other related factors that affect investment in the Stock Exchange of Thailand in order to ensure that Bualuang Securities Research is well published with accuracy and latest information. Presently, Bualuang Securities Research covers investment strategies, economic overview, market update, fundamental research, technical research, and derivatives research.

Fundamental Research
Fundamental research provides fundamental overview of economy and industries, which benefits mainly to investors who aim for long-term investment. Additionally, there is a stock screening feature to highlight our stock picks based on global, regional economy, and other factors affecting those companies to perform stock overview and analysis, basic valuation, and recommendations based on financial statements, performance, company visits, and industry peer comparison. Examples of the fundamental research include, Company Update, Result Comment, Sector Update, and Thai Market Strategy.

Strategic Research
Strategic Research is the combination of the fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and statistical analysis to determine investment strategies by studying stock price movements through various statistical tools for stock price estimation and appropriate investment time. Bualuang Securities has computed quantitative simulation model from historical and forecasted values in order to search for stock picks list at which Bualuang Securities quantitative simulation model has been continuously developed to provide the best returns to investors. Examples of strategic research include, Tactical Strategy, Quantitative Strategy, and Technical Update.

Moreover, Bualuang Securities broadcasts on the electronic media on a weekly basis. We present fundamental and technical insights into trading strategy and analysis of listed companies. (click here for broadcasting timetable)
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