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Here at Bualuang Securities, we emphasize research-backed investment advice.
1. About Securities Trading
  • Investing in stocks is a good way to build wealth, as you can potentially earn both capital gains and dividend income.
  • Aggressive investors speculate on positions for short-term capital gains.
  • Value investors accumulate stocks over a long-term investment horizon.

2. Why Bualuang Securities?
    Bualuang Securities (BLS) is part of the Bangkok Bank group of companies. In addition to their professional expertise and advice, take advantage of the following privileges:
  • Full investment services offered through professional financial advisors
  • Comprehensive and insightful research from leading analysts
  • Professional education through exclusive seminars and training courses at Bualuang Investment Station
  • Commitment for ongoing development of innovative tools and services

3. Premium Investment Services: Our premium investment tools will provide all levels of investors with easy access to investment knowledge, research & analysis, innovative services and easy-to-use tools, to you’re your investment help you invest better;

  • Pre-Trade Service
  • Get informed with information needed in making your investment decision anywhere through our online application “Bualuang iChannel”, available in IOS, Android, and website. Watch our daily live video streaming of analyst briefings every morning, technical charts review and any investment seminar/roadshow.

    Learn before you earn through our investment course which organize at “Bualuang Investment Station”, Saladaeng road, where we organize regular investment workshop that cover important learning curriculum that suits both your investment interests. You may participate in person or online through our convenience application Bualuang iChannel

    Get access to market information, news, fundamental and technical analysis tools through various tools we provide, for example, Aspen, eFin, BSIS

  • Trade Service
  • Stay connected with the market and your portfolio through innovative trading applications we provide. For example, SETTRADE Streaming, the most popular trading and easy-to-use application available in all platforms, or “Bualuang iAlgo” our innovative algorithmic trading application for those with experiences and want to automate your trading strategies hassle-free.

  • Post-Trade Service
  • Easily track your gains and losses by “Bualuang iTracker” that compile your investment statistics and provide performance analysis for your improvement. “Consolidated Portfolio Report” provide you with all investments you have with Bualuang Securities in various classes of assets ranging from mutual funds, bond, stocks, and derivatives with daily update.

  • E-Services
  • Increase your convenience and confidential information with our online services:
    - Bualuang iPoints - The campaign allows you to collect points from your commission fees. Every THB25 in commission is automatically converted into 1 iPoint, with no expiration date. Points can be redeemed for various rewards and special offers.
    - E-Document is daily trading confirmation and monthly statements services via email.
    - Bill Payment - Funding your account with Bualuang is quick and easy for customers of Bangkok bank, Kasikorn bank, and Siam Commercial bank. Choose your preferred method of transfer from any branch nationwide: electronic banking, ATM, and counter transfer.
    - E-Request -Easily submit various requests online and transaction notifications, such as cash deposit and withdrawal.
    - E-ATS - Enhance your trading opportunities with E-ATS, an automated debiting/crediting service that provides convenience for online stock and derivatives trading settlement.
    - E-Report - Stay updated 24/7 with our online reporting service, providing you with ease of access to historical transaction records and bill payment receipts.

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