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    Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited (“Bualuang”) is committed to running its business with ethics, morals and responsibilities towards all stakeholders. Bualuang participated in the Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (“CAC”) and was officially certified to be a CAC Member. This corroborated our firm commitment against all forms of corruption.
    To ensure that Bualuang has a prudently decision making and performing its business that could possibly lead to corruption with due care and conscientiousness, Bualuang has arranged a policy, guideline and procedure as a tool to prevent corruption from all business transactions and to comply with Thailand's Anti-Corruption Legislation,
    Bualuang had “‘Anti-corruption Policy” as a clear written guideline for anti-corruption practice. The company’s directors, executives, employees and persons related to the Company’s business (under Bualuang‘s control) shall strictly perform in compliance with the anti-corruption policy of the company.

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