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Social, Community and Environmental Sustainable Development
BLS is committed to running its business along ethical lines and maintaining good governance principles, in concurrence with the awareness of its responsibilities to society and the environment, so ensuring sustainable business development. The Company has made continued efforts to nourish and care for the environment and for society which is in line with the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s policy to encourage the business sector to conduct their business operations in a socially responsible manner, either within or outside the organization, to ensure sustainable development.

Policy in social, community and environmental development
    1. Development and Support for Learning: The Company realizes the importance of knowledge-base-building for youth in saving and personal financial management from elementary school to college level.
    2. Social, Community and Environmental Development: The Company realizes the importance of maintaining and developing our society, community and environment. This includes charitable activities, social and community services, environmental protection and developing employees’ quality of life.
    3. Assistance to Disadvantaged and the Casualty: The Company realizes the importance of providing assistance to disadvantaged and the casualty in order to heal, rehabilitate and develop their skills to live more happily in society.


Activities :

“Sharing Love with Little Children”
“Sharing Love with Little Children” activity arranged for the second straight year for “Baan Dek Raeron” children by Bualuang staff and BLS-SIP students, with donation of funds and provision of lunch for the children, together with recreational activities including drawing and painting, bean sprouting, playing games, etc.

“Helping Hands to Little Hilltribe Boys and Girls”
Collaboration between Bualuang staff and representatives of the Stock Master Troop 2014 in organizing “Helping Hands to Little Hilltribe Boys and Girls” activity, with provision of scholarships, lunch and necessities to students of Baan Bong Ti Lang Patrol Police School, Kanchanaburi Province.

“We Love Bualuang” Photo Contest
“We Love Bualuang” photo contest organized to enhance employees’ bonding and pride of being “Bualuang” and encourage those who love photo-taking to display photos of their talent. These photos were later displayed on Bualuang New Year cards and as decoration in the Head Office.

“2014 BLS Student Internship Program (BLS - SIP)”

Bualuang’s support and promotion of education through the “2014 BLS Student Internship Program (BLS-SIP)”
provided for university students during summer break so that they could experience the real workplace before graduation.

"Donation of office equipment and stuff to the Association of Persons with Physical Disability International"

Donation of office equipment and stuff to the Association of Persons with Physical Disability International.

In addition, throughout 2014, the Company organized several activities to promote the quality of working life of staff members as below:
    “Joining Hearts, Helping Hands to Our Friend” project initiated to raise funds in support of medical treatment for Khun Samart Khammoon who suffered from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). The total amount raised was Bt. 268,010.
    “Yoga for Better Health of Office Workers” project provided for the second straight year for BLS staff to learn and practice yoga for health improvement and treatment of office syndrome.
    “Bualuang Thai Boxing Class” project provided for the second straight year for BLS staff to learn the martial art of Thai boxing.
    • A fitness room made available for staff’s workout during free time off office hours to strengthen their health and reduce risk of illness.

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