Usage condition for Next Trade

For you benefit, please read these conditions carefully.

1. Users can enter order into Next Trade after day end processes (from 17.30 of trading days) until the startup of primary trading system (around 06.30), except the database maintenance period 22.00 23.00.
2. Q No. in Next Trade is for overnight ordering system only. Actual order number will be assigned by the primary system on the next trading day.
3. Users can cancel orders only before the startup of primary trading system.
4. All clients are advised to re-check the completeness of orders in the pre-open period of the next trading day.
5. IPO stock trading price limit is +/- 50% of the IPO price.
6. Bualuang Securities put best effort to have the Next Trade system functions properly. However, there are factors that are not in our control. Therefore, Bualuang Securities cannot guarantee every time that all orders entered will be fed through into the primary trading system without any problem.
7. In any incident, all rejection or disappearance of orders are final. All users have to re-entry the order on the next trading day.

Abbrevation meaning
canceled item
waiting for transfer
trasfered item
TTF order
NVDR order
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